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Inspiring story of Sidharth Ghosh

Inspiring story of Sidharth Ghosh

Sidharth Ghosh, an IT professional, sportsman, and a marathon runner was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in his right kidney one day which shocked him and his entire family members.

Sidharth has been a sportsman for 8 years. Before diagnosed with cancer at the end of February, 2014, he ran a full marathon and played the first cricket match of internal cricket tournament in Mumbai. When he found blood in his urine and diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma, his parents and friends worried that they would lose him. But, he motivated himself to stand in front of them to assure them he will be fit soon.

After undergoing a major surgery of removal of his right kidney in part of cancer treatment, he had to face lots of physical as well as emotional problems. He had to take rest after climbing down of just 2 stairs and even could not stand for 10 minutes which made him worried about his future.

But with self-motivation and the support of family members and friends, he recovered so quickly and took half marathon in 8 months after his surgery. He started a blog to support the cancer patients who need counselling. The word cancer is so scary indeed and people lose hope by hearing the word, and without hope they already lose half the battle. He wants to motivate and help people with cancer. The main things that the cancer patients to survive with the condition are will power and hope.

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