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Tribal girl’s rise in Indian Women’s Cricket

Tribal girl's rise in Indian Women's Cricket

Cricket, a unifying force in India, transcends social and economic divides, bringing together people from all walks of life.

Once dominated by affluent men, the sport now welcomes women and other traditionally sidelined groups.

A shining example of this inclusivity is Sunnam Tussma Rekha. This 19-year-old tribal girl from Suddapalli village in Telangana’s Bhadradri Kothagudem district is making waves in women’s cricket.

Initially inspired by movies to become a police officer, Rekha’s aspirations shifted once she picked up a cricket bat.

Influenced by cricket legends Mithali Raj and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, she chose to become a right-handed wicketkeeper-batter.

Rekha dreams of representing India and putting her district on the global map. Her cricket journey began with her elder brother, who recognized her potential early on.

She started playing for her Gurukulam team in Class 8. Her talent caught the eye of her school’s physical director, K Ramadevi, who encouraged her to join a private cricket academy.

Currently, in the second year of her Bachelor of Arts program, Rekha trains at a cricket coaching academy in Wanaparthy under the guidance of coach Palakurthi Jhansi.

Jhansi praises Rekha’s talent, noting her exceptional skills as a batter and wicketkeeper. Rekha has represented Telangana in numerous national tournaments.

In 2018, she secured a silver medal in the Super-7 tournament in Punjab and another silver in Mahbubnagar.

Her success continued with a gold medal in the 2021 national T-20 tournament and another gold in the under-19 tournament in Warangal in 2024.

Despite her achievements, Rekha’s journey has not been without challenges. Born into a poor family, she lost her father, Sunnam Ramakrishna, in 2010.

Rekha’s mother, Suneetha, works as a tailor, earning ₹200 to ₹300 daily, to support the family. Her elder brother works as a mechanic in Andhra Pradesh.

Suneetha expresses pride in her daughter’s accomplishments but regrets her inability to provide more financial support.

Rekha, determined to improve her family’s situation, continues to work hard in cricket, hoping to achieve international recognition.

Rekha’s story is a testament to resilience and determination. With support from her coaches and family, she is on the path to greatness, ready to make her mark in Indian women’s cricket.

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