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Valli Sarvani
  • Name: Valli Sarvani
  • Introduction: I am a freelance writer and academic assignment helper. Health, home making, finance, cooking, environmental issues, software and science are my favorite subjects. I write for many websites. Reading books, watching TV, listening to music and preparing new recipes are my hobbies.

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Health Benefits of Harsingar

Harsingar also known as Parijat. It has many health benefits.

Different types of Cheques

Bearer cheque is an open cheque.

Karnataka Photographer builds camera-shaped house

Ravi Hongal is a professional photographer. He built a three-storeyed camera-shaped house in Belagavi, Karnataka.

Solar-powered disinfectant for COVID-19

Earlier also, Rangaswamy helped his villagers get small solar kits for fans and lighting.

82-year-old woman’s fasting for Ram

Urmila is an avid devotee of Lord Sri Ram.