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  • Name: Valli Sarvani
  • Introduction: I am a freelance writer and academic assignment helper. Health, home making, finance, cooking, environmental issues, software and science are my favorite subjects. I write for many websites. Reading books, watching TV, listening to music and preparing new recipes are my hobbies.

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Best expense tracking apps for

Money View provides a net balance view, which allows the user to get bank balances from online banking after a one-time authentication. The app tracks the user’s purchases

Turmeric is great for women’s

Turmeric can help treat polycystic ovary syndrome (or PCOS), in which harmless cysts form in the ovary that can indirectly lead to other diseases such as diabetes

What Samudrika Shastra says about

If a woman has big round eyes, then she has a playful nature with which she can keep her surroundings jovial and happy.

RBI to introduce cryptocurrency

According to Business Standard report, there is a proposal for the Reserve Bank of India to consider having country's own cryptocurrency.

Unique feature of Puri Railway

Puri Railway station appears just like a bus stand. Even though it has 8 platforms, it has no foot over bridges. Passengers can easily board the trains.