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Valli Sarvani
  • Name: Valli Sarvani
  • Introduction: I am a freelance writer and academic assignment helper. Health, home making, finance, cooking, environmental issues, software and science are my favorite subjects. I write for many websites. Reading books, watching TV, listening to music and preparing new recipes are my hobbies.

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People born with the Aries sign tend to be thought of as cold-hearted and emotionless. However, this is because these people tend to steer clear of unnecessary emotional

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Combining this knowledge with his mechanical skills, Rajendra created a small power tiller from the engine of a scooter.

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Currently, the Indian Railways Finance Corporation is offering an interest rate of 8% on its tax-free bonds, which are issued at ₹ 1,000 and are trading at ₹

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Be sure to cut down on sugar intake, since it is one of the top causers of weight gain. Sugary foods have many empty calories which have