Start up

Bookyboo – Bring your children into...

My Adventure Bookyboo is an Indian treasure hunt with adventures based on the letters of the child’s name. Fun Family Bookyboo is a customizable

The Waffle Couple

The waffle-wiches are also easy to consume, as they can be eaten without any dishes or silverware. Therefore, customers can take their food on

MealRobs – new startup for food...

It also allows them to give feedback about their meals by allowing them to post online after their delivery is made.

Mistay: Hotel bookings made...

MiStay is a new online booking company that allows bookings on hourly bases as well as flexible times for checking in and out of

LightSpeed: The super e-bike

There are two variants of the LightSpeed bikes: the LightSpeed GLYD (available at ₹27,999) and the LightSpeed DRYFT (available at ₹37,999).