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  • Introduction: I am a freelance writer and academic assignment helper. Health, home making, finance, cooking, environmental issues, software and science are my favorite subjects. I write for many websites. Reading books, watching TV, listening to music and preparing new recipes are my hobbies.

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Popular Getaways near Bhopal –

Maheshwar is located on the banks of Narmada River. It is popular for Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar Fort, Holkar Palace, Narmada Ghats, Sahastarjun Temple, Ek Mukhi Dutta etc.

Female athletes drop Iranian events

Ever since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, it has been mandatory for women to wear headscarves in public places.

Railways to pay penalty for

As per the reports, Vishnu Kant Shukla, a retired professor had boarded Himgiri Express on November 19, 2013. But, he was issued a ticket dated for 3013.

Yogi claims to have lived

Jani's ability to survive on air alone has garnered the curiosity of many scientists from all over the world.