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66-year-old Marathon runner inspires youth

66-year-old Marathon runner inspires youth

Many senior citizens feel it is difficult to exercise for a long time. But, this 66-year-old woman can run on hard terrain for several hours.

Pushpa Bhatt from Mumbai participated in the world’s highest ultramarathon three years ago. Though she missed the challenge that involved a 72-km stretch, she performed well in the event.

Pushpa Bhatt recently participated in the Ladakh ultramarathon, conducted at 10,000 feet above sea level. Many people wish to achieve their goals. But, it is not possible to achieve them without strong determination and perseverance. Pushpa had these qualities. Hence, she achieves the tough tasks that are difficult for youngsters.

She likes new challenges. In fact, she faced many challenges in her life. Her father died when she was 12 years old. To continue her education, she had to work. So, she started working at the age of 17. She continued her job till her 50s.

She is a single mother and raised her daughter alone.  Her daughter is her support and backbone. Pushpa, who is an avid lover of fitness, started running at the age of 50. She quit her job for this and started a business for her livelihood.

Pushpa participated in many marathons. While many of her counterparts struggle to complete minor tasks, she can finish the toughest tasks easily. Her hard work and passion are the main reasons for this.

She was diagnosed with an arthritic knee. If it were some other person, they would have left all these things. But, Pushpa did not want to let go. She used to run on the sand for around three hours to strengthen her knees. Pilates also helped her very much.

She practices yoga daily and workouts at the gym regularly. That’s why she was able to run for the entire night when preparing for the biggest marathon challenge. Her journey is an inspiration to many young people.

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