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Woman researcher builds non-invasive device for breast cancer  

Woman researcher builds non-invasive device for breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women in India. If it is detected early, it can save many women.

Here is a woman researcher who built a non-invasive device to detect breast cancer in the early stage. Geetha Manjunath had completed her doctorate in computer science. But, after a heartbreaking incident in her family, she left her career in the IT sector.

Geetha’s cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer in the advanced stage. As a result, doctors could not save her. After six months, one of her husband’s cousins was also diagnosed with breast cancer. She also died. Both these women had small kids. Within one year, she lost two of her close family members.

It affected her severely. She wanted to do something to detect breast cancer early to save lives.

In her research, she realized that breast cancer kills 50 per cent of affected women each year. That means early detection is essential to save them.

After discussing the matter with doctors, Geetha came to know that many Indian women lacked awareness of breast cancer screening methods like mammography and their need.

In addition, mammography does not accurately work on women younger than 45. Many women under 45 years may not get accurate results. As a result, they are more prone to the disease than other women.

In this context, Geetha decided to build a device that accurately detects breast cancer earlier. She developed a non-invasive device. It is more effective and accessible than mammography.

Besides, it is safer than mammography as there is no need to expose to radiation. Furthermore, it is more affordable as well.

The software-based device, SMILE-100, helps detect breast cancer through thermal imaging. The device measures the temperature in the chest through thermal imaging. This portal device is useful for technicians to screen breast cancer in urban and rural hospitals.

Geetha patented Thermalytix, an AI solution that helps detect breast cancer in its early stage. Now, Geetha’s company, Niramai, is helping many women to save their lives from the deadly disease.

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Image Reference: https://www.niramai.com/

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