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Bengaluru man takes his old mother for pilgrimage on scooter

Bengaluru man takes his old mother for pilgrimage on scooter

You might have heard the legend of Shravan Kumar in the Ramayana. He carried his old and blind parents in two baskets hanging from two ends of a bamboo pole suspended over his shoulder for pilgrimage.

This Bengaluru man is the present day Shravan Kumar who carries his mother of 70-year-old on his scooter for pilgrimage.

Krishna Kumar is the only son of Dakshinamurthy and Choodarathna. Being a team leader in a Bengaluru based company, he could visit his parents in Mysore only during holidays.

But, after the death of his father, his mother was leading a lonely life. At that time, his mother expressed her desire to go on a pilgrimage when he visited her once.

This 39-year old man then realized that his mother had never been to any places than their area. Then, he decided to show all the pilgrimage places to his mother.

He quit his job for this ‘Mathru seva sankalpa yatra’. He remodeled his 20-year-old Bajaj Chetak scooter to carry his elderly mother.

Their journey started on January 16, 2018. They finished riding more than 26,000 kms in over seven months by visiting pilgrimage sites in Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Two wheeler is a simple mode of transport and traveling is easy. That’s why, Krishna Kumar chose scooter for their pilgrimage tour.

They carried fruits, cucumbers, rice, knife, mattress, raincoats and many other essential things in their tour.

The mother and son duo are happy with the tour. Neither of them suffered from so much as a common cold.

Furthermore, their old scooter has never troubled them. Even after 16,000 km, their scooter didn’t even have a punctured tire.

However, due to constant riding, they had to relax for some time due to body aches. And after that, they again started their journey with refreshment.

Not just to pilgrimage tours, the son took her mother to her childhood friends as well to please her.

Image Reference: Newindianexpress

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