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Hero driver that saved Amarnath pilgrims

Hero driver that saved Amarnath pilgrims

Around this time, thousands of pilgrims are migrating to the Amarnath Temple in Jammu and Kashmir to make their holy pilgrimage.

Each year, it is common for many terrorist attacks to besiege these pilgrims, and security measures have become tighter and tighter over the years.

However, when an unexpected attack occurred on a 56-person bus last Monday, it was up to 37-year-old driver Salim Shaikh to get his passengers to safety as quickly as possible.

Seven people were killed and twenty-one others were injured, but fifty lives were saved once Shaikh managed to reach an Army Camp along the route.

Making his fourth trip to the Amarnath temple in eight years, Shaikh had his trip delayed on Monday by a flat tire on his bus.

However, partway along the trip, a terrorist broke out open fire on the bus, killing seven of the fifty-six passengers and injuring twenty-one more.

However, Shaikh did not stop the bus. As soon as the first bullet went by his head and hit the glass in front of him, he started driving at full speed, despite his vehicle’s flat tire.

He would raise his head every so often to see the road and then duck in his seat again, driving as fast as he could all the while to bring his people to a safe location.

When Shaikh reached the Army Camp along the way, the terrorist finally stopped firing bullets.

His family was shocked to hear about his bus being attacked by terrorists, but they were elated to hear that he and fifty other passengers had survived.

They, as well as many others, are mournful for the deaths of the seven who were killed by the chaotic gunfire.

As gratitude for his courageous act, Vijay Rupani, the chief minister of Gujarat, will nominate Shaikh for the annual bravery award for this year.

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:AmarnathPilgrimTrek.JPG

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