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Lottery miracles for Kerala agent and Bengaluru man  

Lottery miracles for Kerala agent and Bengaluru man

In a captivating tale reminiscent of movie scripts, NK Gangadharan, a lottery agent from Kerala, found himself holding an unsold lottery ticket that would change his life forever.

This unsold ticket, once overlooked, emerged as the winning number in the Kerala state government’s Fifty Fifty lottery, bestowing upon Gangadharan a staggering ₹1 crore.

What makes this story even more intriguing is that Gangadharan opted to keep his newfound wealth a closely guarded secret, fearing the risk of theft or robbery until he could securely deposit it in the bank.

Gangadharan served as a bus conductor for 33 years. After that, he transitioned into a new career just four years ago when he opened his lottery shop.

This incredible win marked the very first time his shop had clinched such a substantial prize.

Six other individuals who had purchased tickets from his shop also secured prizes of ₹5,000 each in the same draw.

Meanwhile, in a different corner of the country earlier this year, another Indian, Arun Kumar, experienced an overnight transformation into a crorepati.

He won the grand prize of 20 million dirhams (approximately ₹44 crores) in Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket lottery.

However, Kumar, a resident of Bengaluru, nearly missed out on the life-altering news.

When the show’s hosts attempted to inform him about his incredible victory, Kumar initially suspected it to be a fraudulent call and promptly disconnected and blocked the number.

In an interview, Kumar shared his disbelief. He had purchased the winning ticket through a ‘buy two, get one free’ offer. The ticket he won was the third one. So, he could not believe the winning news.

These two extraordinary stories of unexpected lottery fortunes, one hidden away in Kerala and the other almost slipping through the fingers of a Bengaluru resident, serve as reminders that sometimes, life’s most astonishing surprises come when you least expect them.

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