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Ambulance driver transports the Patient 2870 km to fulfil her last wish

Ambulance driver transports the Patient 2870 km to fulfil her last wish

In an inspiring display of dedication and compassion, Arun Kumar, a 28-year-old ambulance driver from Karunagappally in Kollam, completed a marathon journey spanning 2870 kilometres to help fulfil a patient’s last wish.

Arun embarked on this challenging trip to transport 60-year-old Bodhini Bhahan, a stroke patient bedridden and longing to return to her hometown, Raiganj in West Bengal.

The journey started early morning on April 22 from Mynagappally village and concluded on the afternoon of April 24, with Arun covering multiple states. These include Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha, before finally reaching Bengal. 

Arun managed this feat in just two-and-a-half days, driving continuously except for quick stops to refuelling the ambulance.

Arun’s dedication shone through as he took minimal breaks and relied on quick snacks like bread and biscuits to sustain himself throughout the journey.

He had travelled to West Bengal in the past, it became easier for him to travel as the route was familiar to me. His careful planning and commitment ensured that the patient was comfortable and the vehicle remained in good condition throughout the trip.

Upon reaching Raiganj, Arun received a warm welcome from the local community and fellow ambulance drivers, acknowledging his hard work and spirit of service. 

The locals arranged for his accommodation, allowing him a well-deserved rest before he commenced his return journey to Kerala on April 26.

The patient’s son, Sowthish, who accompanied his mother on the journey, expressed deep gratitude towards Arun. 

He noted that arranging for such a long-distance transfer via flight was financially unfeasible, making Arun’s efforts even more crucial.

Arun, who has been working with Emirates, an ambulance service agency, for one-and-a-half years, exemplified the profound impact of empathy and service in his profession. 

His extraordinary journey not only ensured the safe return of a patient to her hometown but also highlighted the incredible sacrifices made by individuals like him in the healthcare service.

Image Credit: Arunvrparavur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference:,_Mar_2017.jpg

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