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Poshtick: binge-eat healthier

Poshtick: binge-eat healthier

Everyone likes to have snacks to binge on. Whether it is after meal or during the evenings, snacks help make the day better.

Most people however, would choose things like samosa or pakodas which are full of oil and can be easily categorized as junk food.

People cannot avoid this type of food because of a lack of choice. Most of them don’t have time to cook snacks on their own.

Now, you don’t need to worry about eating unhealthy food in day time. Poshtick, a Delhi based startup has come up with the concept of providing its customers with healthy snack boxes.

As the name Poshtick suggests, they make nutritious food.

The startup was started by a 23 year old Pranav Sharma. When he was studying his chartered accountancy, his lifestyle became unhealthy because he had no time for workout or eat healthy. He could not follow a good diet at all.

His mother, who was also a chartered accountant, did not have time to make special snacks. That was when he realized that, in the modern day, many people lack time to get healthy food. This is encouraging a lot of junk food, he thought.

He wanted to do something about it. And thus began the idea for Poshtick. Poshtick means nutritious in Hindi.

Poshtick: binge-eat healthier

Poshtick: binge-eat healthier


The company makes boxes of healthy food. Their flagship product is the ‘Finge’. It is a portmanteau of fitness and binge.

The box comes with three snacks and a healthy drink. Every item comes with the number of calories in it.

The company sells about 50 different products including Cookies, cakes, brownies etc. There are five different categories in it. They also provide a snack box specially made for diabetics.

One can have these boxes on a weekly or a monthly subscription. Subscribing to it will give five boxes on each weekday delivered to your home. The service doesn’t run on weekends.

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