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Diet tips for Diabetics

Tips for Diabetics

Diabetes is a very common problem around the world. Diabetes can be kept under control by following the right diet. Eating the right food and avoiding the wrong food can be helpful in controlling and even curing diabetes.

For Indians, there are several foods and diet tips which are good for diabetics. Let us take a look at them.

Indian diabetics should consume carbs, fats, and proteins in the ratio of 60:20:20. Every day the calorie intake should be between 1,500-1,800 calories based on the above mentioned ratio.

The diet should also consist of two seasonal fruits and three vegetables. Dry fruits should be limited as much as possible even though they are healthy. Fresh fruits should be preferred to dry fruits.

Having one teaspoon of methi seeds which are soaked overnight in 100 ml of water is very effective in controlling diabetes. Tomato juice mixed with salt and pepper is also helpful in controlling diabetes if it is consumed early in the morning. Consuming 6 almonds which are soaked overnight in the morning is also helpful for diabetics.

Some other foods that can be helpful in controlling diabetes include, whole grains, oats, channa atta, and other grains with high fiber content. Milk has many benefits and also provides essential nutrients.

So add it to your diet. Vegetables like peas, beans, broccoli, spinach, and other leafy vegetables have high fiber and are good at controlling diabetes.

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