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KIVA – Ayurvedic health benefits for the modern era

KIVA – Ayurvedic health benefits for the modern era

Indian medicine has been gaining popularity around the world, from the widely-recognized health benefits of yoga to the increasing global presence of healthy Indian cuisine.

Beforehand, the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda was not well-known in the world, but it is now one of the fastest-growing FMCG categories, seeing growth of around 25% to 30% per year.

Many companies have capitalized on its growing popularity and have been providing consumers with Ayurvedic snacks, foods, beverages, and the like.

Some of these companies include Hamdard, Emami, and Zandu Pharma.

However, recently, a new startup called KIVA has entered the market with an innovative way to get Ayurvedic science out to the younger population.

KIVA is based in Gurugram, founded by 32-year-old Shalabh Gupta. He gained the idea for the startup when he realized that he and his wife were neglecting the amla juice bottles that they had bought.

Shalabh wondered why this was, since the two of them had no problem drinking green teas and probiotic drinks.

After asking around, he realized that, although people know and trust the health benefits of Ayurveda, they are not prompted to actually adopt the ancient science into their diet.

Shalabh realized the need for a more attractive and interesting approach for marketing Ayurvedic science, and he founded KIVA, which offers ready-to-drink Ayurvedic shots to people who need a quick dose of health.

KIVA is mainly aimed at the younger population, since these people often lack knowledge of Ayurveda and have very packed schedules.

They are sold in packs of six and come in seven variants, which each have different health benefits. Some of these variants include lemon honey cinnamon, which helps manage weight, apple cider vinegar, which boosts metabolism, and wheatgrass, which helps with detoxification.

KIVA – Ayurvedic health benefits for the modern era

KIVA – Ayurvedic health benefits for the modern era

KIVA is growing rapidly, currently selling about 60,000 shots per month. In the future, KIVA aims to provide more product categories and expand to Mumbai and Bengaluru.

With this startup providing quick and simple Ayurvedic shots to people who would otherwise ignore Ayurveda’s health benefits, more people will still recognize and value this ancient Indian science.

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