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Ayurveda for the modern generation

Ayurveda for the modern generation

The science of Ayurveda has been in India since ancient times. Even to this day, there are still many in India that follow this medicine. It has even spread to international levels of fame.

Now, in the present era, Ayurveda is struggling to remain as popular as western medicine. In Arjun Vaidya’s family, the knowledge of Ayurveda passed down through six generations.

However, 25 year old Arjun Vaidya who is the CEO of Dr Vaidya’s wants to carry his family legacy forward in a new way.

Arjun’s focus is on repackaging the age old Ayurveda for the modern world. He saw that many people these days normally wouldn’t use products like a lep (liniment) or a dant manjan (tooth powder).

So he wanted to create a brand that would help him sell these with a creative touch.

He says that his brand’s vision is to make Ayurveda friendly for the 21st century. So they work at taking traditional Indian formulations and rebrand them in a form that makes them cool, sexy, fun and aspirational for modern consumers, he adds.

They started new kinds of over-the-counter (OTP) products. In Mumbai, they launched two innovative products called HERBofit and LIVitup.

LIVitup is a medicine that gives energy and boosts people. This is meant for modern consumers who want to stay energetic in their day.

HERBofit provides is like Chyawanprash.

Ayurveda for the modern generation

Ayurveda for the modern generation


Arjun says that this market has a value of ₹900 crore and the multivitamins market has a market value of more than ₹1,200 crore. If the market of dietary supplements is added, the value is more than ₹12,000 crore.

Arjun however is not running a monopoly. He has competition from Himalaya’s Party Smart and similar products.

He says that they separate themselves by making unique branding, packaging, marketing, and speaking to the consumer.

He also says that their products are proprietary family formulations.

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