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Wedding month and the success of relationship

Wedding month and the success of relationship

Any relationship does not exist without a single argument or so. Marriage is not an exception to this. But, the couple despite their disagreement with the partner’s opinion can live happily when he or she respects the opinion of the other. Some astrologers believe that the wedding month affects the success of relationship and time of marriage plays a crucial role in the relationship.

They believe that like zodiac sign, the wedding month is also important for the success of month. That’s why some months are considered as ‘auspicious’ and others are left as they are not suitable for marriage. Here are some interesting facts about the wedding month and the success of relationship in marriage.

The couple who marries in the month of January has cordial relationship and chances of separation are rare.

The pair who enters into marriage in February experiences emotional journey and selfless responsibility.

If you marry in March then you will have lot of surprises including good and bad. It might be hard to understand the perspective of your partner.

The couple who get married in April will have a romantic life throughout their relationship as this month is considered auspicious.

If you are married in May you will have equal chances for success as well as for failure. It influences the couple and either of them might have extreme bad nature or patience.

If you marry in June, then you will have a successful relationship. Couple shows love and caring towards one another and also to their families.

The couple who get married in July will have a great chance of success. They help each other to grow in life and attraction between them grows.

Those who marry in August face struggles but overcome them together. Ultimately, they build a strong relationship.

The couple who get married in September will have a balanced relationship. Both the partners put their efforts equally in strengthening their bond. So they have less chances of having severe fights in their relationship.

The couple that marries in October will have to face a lot of ups and downs yet they will have great intimacy.

People who marry in November will lead a cool life by combatting challenges together.

The couple that marry in December may have a chance of separation due to their lack of attention towards the romantic needs of the partner. If they can solve their issues before they lead to severe fights, their life will go smoothly.

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