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Types of relationships in India

Types of relationships in India

Sahil Thaker’s new book “Dating & Marriage Diaries in Urban India” talks about six different types of relationships that happen in urban India. Thaker who is an engineer by profession and writer by choice gives this ‘no nonsense’ book urban India dating. The author himself has given the following types of relations.

The materialistic one

This is a relationship-focused primarily on money and other materialistic needs. The relationship runs on the motto of ‘money buys love’. People in this relationship get a lot of fancy things. You might have all the things you desired; however, it is time to reevaluate your relationship dynamics if you are stuck in a relationship like this. Even though is money is important, it is not the most important thing in a relationship.

Ruled by parents

These are relationships where the parents decide almost every dynamic of the relationship. Being concerned about children is normal for parents to an extent. If you find that almost every decision in your relationship is made by parents of either partner, then it is time to take some control into your hand.

Dominated by one

This is a relationship where one person has a dominating attitude and likes to control every aspect of the relationship. These relationships can get abusive too. If you are in such a relationship, talk to your partner and make sure they understand how you feel.

Partner who?

These are the kind of relationships where neither one has time for the other. Even though careers are important, do not forget that everyone needs attention from their partner. Spending enough time with each other is important in any relationship. So, try to make time for your partner.

No compatibility

You try and try, but there just isn’t anything you two can talk about or love together. This could happen in cases of two people coming from completely different backgrounds. Such relationships are very hard to work especially in the long run.

The happy kind

These are the relationships where you feel happy to just wake up because it means a new day with your partner. You wish this relationship never ends and if you don’t want it to end, make sure it doesn’t turn into any of the above-mentioned types.

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