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Are you in love?

Are you in love?

Even the great lovers may not describe what exactly ‘love’ is. Different people have different opinions about love. But, certain feelings are not really love, rather they can break relationships. So, if you are in love, check for the following signs whether they exist in your relationship or not. If they exist in your love, try to get rid of them otherwise your love may fail.

Passion is not love. But, many of us mistakenly think it as love. Being passionate towards a person does not mean that you love him/her. So, before you enter into relationship check your feelings twice.

Showing possessiveness is a not a sign of true love. It just shows the insecurity of your love. So, handle it carefully.

Difference of opinions may arise in all relationships. But partners must unite at a mutually agreed opinion which does not affect their relationship. This is not possible all the times. Sometimes, you have to accept your partner’s opinion even if yours differs. Don’t keep feelings of bitterness at such times. Keep in mind that you are not accepting an outsider’s opinion but your lover’s. This is necessary to keep up the relationship.

Occasional mood swings may be fine in any relationship, but if it is a habit of your lover and is being used as a manipulative technique, then beware of your love.

Emotional blackmail is one of the worst manipulative techniques used in relationships. Control it in early stages otherwise it might turn into an abusive relationship.

You might have heard of several incidents where the lover of the girl/boy tried to take revenge on her/him. But, true love never does such things. Rather, the true lover forgives the mistakes of his/her partner even though it hurts himself/herself. Forgiving the mistakes means forgetting them. This helps to maintain a healthy relationship.

True love or real relationship does not seek domination on the other person. If you are constantly dominating your partner or being dominated by your partner, then it is not real love.

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