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Signs of a healthy relationship

Signs of a healthy relationship

In recent days, successful relationships have been decreasing. There are many reasons for the failure of a relationship.

Good relationships include give and take. If you are taking too much and give nothing to your partner, or if you are giving too much to your partner and receiving nothing from your partner, then it is not a good relationship. Certain signs are there to reveal a healthy relationship. Check them out to know whether your relationship is a healthy one or not.

  1. In a good relationship, there is no need to pretend and you can be yourself. Your partner accepts your weaknesses.
  2. You can freely express your feelings without fearing what your partner says or thinks about you.
  3. No power struggle exists in a healthy relationship. Both partners equally enjoy power.
  4. Good relationship becomes stronger day by day.
  5. Healthy relationship has mutual trust.
  6. Arguments end soon and neither of the partners tries to dominate the other.
  7. Enough space is provided by and to the partners. None of them violates this.
  8. No jealousy is shown on the growth or development of partner. Rather in a healthy relationship partners help one another to grow.
  9. Long-term goals are established in agreement with the partner.
  10. Good partner is always ready to help in times of need.

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