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Truths about men and their relationships

Truths about men and their relationships

There are different personalities in the world. The emotions are different in men and women.

Both men and women react to certain situations in different ways. Especially when they are in relationships, their approaches are different. Here are certain truths about men and their relationships according to some studies. However, these may not be generalized and applied to all men. Certain exceptions do exist.

  1. The study conducted on men from several parts of the world stated that men usually have a tendency to be loyal to their partners if there are no other eye-catching women nearby.
  2. The average time that men spend to look at women is approximately one year in their total life.
  3. According to a finding, men who are cheaters in their relationships have a tendency to have poorer IQ levels.
  4. A study revealed that men that have wise wives lead a satisfactory life.
  5. Around 45 per cent of men used to lie to their partners when they cheat without any hesitation.
  6. While walking in public with his partner, an average man feels pride.
  7. Men like the attractiveness and beauty of women. However, if they marry a beautiful woman, they tend to feel insecure. This is observed after a few years of their marriage.

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