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Know your rights when stopped by traffic police

Know your rights when stopped by traffic police

Every driver has been or will be stopped by the traffic police at least once in his or her life. This is simply a part of being a motor vehicle user, and one should always be prepared for it to happen.

Preparing for this includes having full knowledge of one’s rights as a commuter, which many people either forget or simply do not know. Therefore, these are some of the important commuter rights that should be known by every motor vehicle user.

All traffic police officers are required to carry either a challan book or an e-challan machine in order to penalize someone. If a traffic officer does not have either one of these things, he or she cannot penalize drivers.

Only a driver’s license is required to be shown to the police. Showing other important documents to the police may be recommended under certain circumstances, but it is not required by law.

Cooperation with the police is always recommended, instead of arguing with them. A reasonable explanation of the mistake at hand may even lead the police to let a driver go without giving a challan.

A driver can be penalized for jumping a red light, parking improperly and obstructively, driving without a helmet, speeding, smoking inside a vehicle, not displaying a number plate, driving without a driver’s license, or driving a vehicle without registration, valid insurance, or valid pollution under control certificate.

Do not submit to any illegal demands given by a traffic officer, or attempt to bribe the traffic police. If this occurs, note down the buckle number and the name of said officer. If the officer is not wearing a buckle, ask for an identity card instead.

If the officer refuses to show the identity card, then the driver has the right to refuse giving the officer his or her documents.

If an officer is of rank sub-inspector or above, then the driver can settle the offence with the said officer by paying the fine right then and there.

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