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Now even Traffic cops can get challans

Now even Traffic cops can get challans

Amjedullah Khan, the former Corporator of MBT (Majlis Bachao Tehreek), was alarmed when he saw the number of rule violations being done by Hyderabad cops.

He witnessed them triple riding, parking their vehicles in illegal parking spots, and even riding police bikes without their helmets on. Khan decided to do something about it, so he took pictures of what he witnessed and put them in a tweet online.

In this tweet, he tagged the Hyderabad traffic police to get their attention.

The Hyderabad police took notice of Khan’s tweet, and they themselves tweeted out the e-challans that they issued to those rule-breaking cops, emphasizing in a hashtag that they are practicing what they preached.

After Khan’s tweet, the Hyderabad traffic police urged the public to keep an eye out for any traffic cops violating the rules. If one is seen, they said, it must be photographed and posted on Twitter, complete with a tag for the Hyderabad traffic police.

Once the tweet is sent, the Hyderabad police will soon be notified of the rule violation, and they will issue a challan to the cop in question accordingly. The details of the e-challans given to these cops may also be posted to the public.

So far in this month, two hundred challans have been issued to traffic cops who have been seen violating the rules by civilians. It is easy for civilians to pick out a traffic cop violating the law, since they are distinguished by their uniforms and their vehicles.

Additionally, disciplinary action has been initiated against these policemen, including memos which were sent to the police headquarters. Currently, Khan’s movement is growing, since he continues to post pictures of rule-violating cops, and many civilians are following suit.

The deputy commissioner of traffic police, A. V. Ranganath, has said that rules are uniform for all, whether commoner or police official.

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