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App by Goa police to report emergency crimes

App by Goa police to report emergency crimes

In order to help people be more cautious and enable them to quickly report crime or law violations, the Goa police have launched a mobile app on August 10.

This new app can be downloaded and used by Android and IOS smartphone users.

One can use it for reporting law and traffic violations along with video and photos. The complaints go directly to the Police department which enables faster action.

The app has a ‘report offence’ and ‘traffic violation’ button which helps the user capture offences and traffic violations separately in a structured manner.

A user can use photo and video proof if he/she witnesses anyone breaking the law.

The app also enables users to record a narration of the events and add location details to the offence. A user can do all this in offline mode and saved for further alteration. It can be sent to Goa police directly for processing.

The app can be found in the Playstore or iPhone Apps by searching for ‘Goa Police’. The app also comes with an emergency SOS button that users can press to immediately call a saved number with a single click.

Once the button is pressed, the user’s GPS coordinates are sent along with a message requesting for help to all contacts saved in “Emergency Contact Numbers”.

Image Reference: NDTV

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