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Mobile app to help donate organs

Mobile app to help donate organs

There are many people in our country who wants to save lives by donating their organs. However, most of them are unsure how to go about the process. Many people even give up on the idea to donate because they do not know the process.

In order to help people find the required knowledge and in order to help simplify the process involved in donation, an app has been made. The app is E Donor Card. It makes the process of organ donation simpler and clearer.

The app has been launched by Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network (MOHAN). It is an NGO which promotes and supports the organ donation and transplantation in India. Users who wants to donate their organs can use this app to get access to a donor card. This card enables them to give their organs and tissues after their death in an easy way.

The MOHAN foundation stated that they used to receive many queries from people regarding the information about organ donation. This is what led to the launch of the E Donor Card App. Anyone who is above the age of 18 can register in this app. The NGO also conducted several workshops and awareness sessions in order to make more people interested in organ donation.

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