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India tightens legal awareness for foreigners seeking organ transplants

India tightens legal awareness for foreigners seeking organ transplants

To ensure legal compliance, the Union Health Ministry has reached out to the Ministries of External Affairs and Home Affairs to inform foreign nationals about the legalities governing organ transplants in India.

This initiative addresses the increasing number of foreigners coming to India for transplants due to the country’s world-class health facilities and skilled medical professionals.

The Health Ministry has crafted scroll messages and creatives to disseminate key legal information to foreign nationals.

Letters sent to the home and foreign secretaries last month highlighted the need to display these messages on the websites and portals of the Bureau of Immigration and at airports.

Besides, they should also be displayed on the Ministry of External Affairs and Indian embassies’ websites.

This move follows recent violations of the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act.

In Rajasthan, fake NoCs were issued to Bangladeshi nationals, and in Delhi, poor Myanmar nationals were allegedly paid to donate kidneys.

Officials noted that many foreign nationals were unaware of Indian laws regarding organ transplants, necessitating a widespread information campaign.

The ministry emphasized the importance of legal transplants and ensuring foreign nationals understand the regulations.

The informational scroll includes several key points, which are mentioned below:

  • Foreign nationals seeking organ transplants must come to India on a medical visa.
  • All donors must be over 18 years old.
  • No Indian living donor can give organs to foreigners unless they are near relatives.
  • Additionally, foreign patients can register to receive organs from deceased donors.
  • However, they will only be considered if no Indian patients are available for the transplant.

This measure ensures that Indian patients are prioritized while offering opportunities for foreign nationals.

The Health Ministry’s initiative aims to promote transparency and legality in organ transplants, safeguarding both donors and recipients.

By widely disseminating this information, the ministry hopes to prevent future violations and ensure that all transplants are conducted within the legal framework.

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