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Indian Driving habits are dangerous

Indian Driving habits are dangerous

Road accidents have been increasing for years. Studies show that many people died in road mishaps.

As the vehicles and traffic are increasing, so are accidents.

The main reasons for road mishaps are lack of traffic awareness in people and violation of traffic rules.

For instance, most of the people know that using mobile phones is not good while driving. But, they cannot avoid using them.

In a similar way, many traffic violations that remain a big reason for causing accidents are increasing.

In all cases, the victims may not die, they might end up severely injured and live that for the rest of their life.

A non-profit organization and an international research agency focused on the driving habits of people in India. So, they want to conduct a survey.

There was a study conducted on the driving habits of Indians jointly by SaveLIFE and Kantar Public in eight cities.

Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Jaipur are also included in them. They surveyed 1749 vehicle drivers.

Approximately 94 per cent of survey participants expressed that using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous.

Nearly 47 per cent of people admitted to the fact that they attend calls while driving even though they are aware that it is risky.

41 per cent stated that their calls are related to their work. And 60 per cent people even do not stop at a safe location before they are attending the calls.

68 per cent of people supported the use of cameras to capture drivers who use mobile phones while driving vehicles.

96 per cent of survey respondents said that they feel unsafe as passengers when the driver is using a mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

Using a mobile phone while driving is commonly seen in not just two-wheeler drivers, but also the drivers of cars, autoes and other huge vehicles like buses etc.

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