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Know about Rail SAARTHI App

Know about Rail SAARTHI App

The Indian Railways have just launched a new app that caters to all of the needs of passengers on a single platform.

The app is called Rail SAARTHI, which stands for Synergized Advanced Application Rail Travel Help and Information.

This app encompasses all of the various requirements and desires of customers, such as ticket bookings, meal orderings, and any inquiries that the passengers may have about the train service. It was recently launched on the Google Play Store by the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

With it, the Indian Railways are hoping to solve the problems caused by the previous large collection of apps that they had provided to their customers.

Rail SAARTHI was made because of the issues concerning the various apps catering to different services on the railways. Before this app was made, users would have to download a separate app for ticket reservations, meal orders, and the like.

When he realized the unnecessary complications of this layout, Prabhu came up with the idea to integrate all of these services into a single interface.

Not only does this app contain all of these features, but it also has a side addition of allowing users to book flight tickets as well as train tickets. The app also allows users to give feedback about the railways, both to report their train experience and to give any suggestions for improvement.

This app is currently available for free only on the Google Play Store. To download the app, one must go to the Google Play Store and search for Rail SAARTHI.

Once the app is found, it can be downloaded on any device at no cost.

With its cheap value and a large amount of content, Rail SAARTHI will hopefully be a great convenience to all Indian train travelers, and thus improve their overall experience on the railways.

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