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How to get compensation from Railways for lost luggage

How to get compensation from Railways for your stolen luggage

Generally, passengers keep their luggage and belongings with them, while travelling on a train or bus. So missing their luggage is uncommon. However, sometimes your belongings are stolen while travelling on a train. In such cases, you can get compensation from the Railways.

If your luggage is lost or stolen, you have to complain to the railways. And if the railways fails to get your luggage back, then you can get compensation for it.

As per the Supreme Court’s order, any passenger can file a complaint if his/her luggage is stolen at the railway station or during a journey. Passengers will have to fill in a form with all details.

They need to approach the railway protection force (RPF) to file a complaint. After filling in the details, the form should be submitted to the concerned persons at the railway police station.

Passengers can approach a coach attendant, guard or TTE for the theft of their luggage on a running train. Railways will try to find out your belongings or luggage.

If it is not able to find the missing things within six months, it will give compensation to the passenger for the stolen luggage, as per the assessment value of the railways.

To help passengers, railways started a campaign, Operation Mission Amanat. This new initiative was launched by Western Railways at the beginning of this year.

The mission aims to track lost luggage while travelling on a train. The Railway Protection Force plays a vital role in this mission.

If anyone complains to the RPF about their lost or stolen luggage during their journey on a train, the details of the lost luggage along with photos will be uploaded on the official website.

In addition, the railway police also upload photos if they find any luggage. Thus, passengers can identify their belongings easily. If they find their luggage, they can collect them at the specified point at the railway station.

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