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Indian Railways arranges car for an IITian

Indian Railways arranges car for an IITian

Indian Railways, one of the largest rail networks in the world, focuses on the convenience and security of passengers. It takes many initiatives for that.

Recently, Indian Railways helped an IIT student to reach his destination on time.  Satyam Tadvi is pursuing an aerospace engineering from IIT Madras. He booked a ticket to travel from Ekta Nagar railway station to Vadodara railway station. He was travelling to Chennai from there.

However, railways cancelled the train due to heavy rains as the tracks were washed out. So, Satyam got stuck at the railway station. Railway officials understood his situation and decided to help him.

They arranged a car for him to reach his destination on time. So, the cancelled train had not affected his scheduled journey.

The car driver was very supportive and helped him reach the destination on time.

Satyam reached his destination within two hours in a car arranged by the railway officials. He thanked all of them and shared his story on Twitter.

Due to their help, he reached the station on time and did not miss his train at Vadodara station and continued his journey. Many netizens appreciated the support of Indian Railways and their efforts to help each and every passenger in reaching their destination safely.

There were many such instances in past also that Indian Railways helped passengers when the trains got cancelled.

One such incident is here:

When yard works were going on in Mysuru station, few trains got cancelled from the station for a week.

At that time, the South Western Railway officials made arrangements for the transportation of reserved passengers in these trains. They arranged buses for passengers to reach their destinations without any problem. Officials informed passengers well in advance and guided them to use this alternative transport properly.

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