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This Indian Railway station belongs to two states

This Indian Railway station belongs to two states

Indian Railways play a vital role in transporting freight and passengers across India, with various railway stations boasting unique characteristics.

One such intriguing station is Navapur, situated in the Nandurbar District of Maharashtra, which holds a remarkable distinction.

What sets Navapur Railway Station apart is its unique location, straddling the border between Gujarat and Maharashtra.

This station is divided into two parts, one within Gujarat’s territory and the other within Maharashtra’s borders.

What’s even more fascinating is that a station bench cuts right through the state border, with one half situated in Maharashtra and the other half in Gujarat!

Stretching about 800 meters in length, Navapur Railway Station extends its presence to Gujarat, with a section measuring 500 meters.

This unusual arrangement calls for announcements to be made in four languages, catering to the diverse linguistic preferences of passengers.

English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi are all employed to ensure effective communication with passengers.

Interestingly, the distribution of facilities at Navapur Station is also a noteworthy feature.

The police station and ticket counter find their place in Maharashtra’s Nandurbar district. At the same time, the station master’s office and other essential amenities are housed in Gujarat’s Tapi district.

This division of administrative spaces reflects the station’s unique geographical location, straddling the border between the two states.

Navapur Station’s distinctiveness extends beyond administrative arrangements and adheres to different state laws.

In Gujarat, alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited, while Maharashtra has banned pan masala and gutka.

As a result, the station complies with the respective state laws, making it an exceptional case of law implementation within the same railway station.

This exceptional station showcases India’s railway network’s diverse and intricate fabric.

Despite being divided between two states, Navapur Railway Station seamlessly manages to serve passengers and cater to their needs in a harmonious manner.

Its ability to navigate through legal and administrative complexities sets it apart as an extraordinary landmark on India’s railway map.

Navapur Railway Station stands as a symbol of unity and diversity, situated at the crossroads of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Its split presence, unique administration, and adherence to varying state laws make it an intriguing destination for travellers.

Indian Railways continue to surprise with their array of distinctive stations, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the country’s railway heritage.

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