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Try these foods at various Indian Railway stations

Try these foods at various Indian Railway stations

Each state in the country is well-known for its food items and recipes. Food lovers wish to enjoy various types of food items when they visit new places. Next time, if you are travelling through these railway stations, don’t forget to try these popular foods.

New Delhi Railway station is famous for its aloo chat. It is made of shallow-fried potatoes. They are blended with spices, lemon juice, sev etc. It is served with chutney. This mouth-watering recipe is well-known for its taste and aroma. Try this recipe at the New Delhi railway station.

Many people love Pav Bhaji, the Maharashtra special recipe. Try this lip-smacking food item when you visit Mumbai Central Railway station.

If you are a sweet lover, you must try Sandesh at Howrah railway station. It is one of the most ancient sweets in India.

When you are passing through Bareilly Junction in Uttar Pradesh, try hot fried pakoras made of moong dal.

Crispy Rava Dosa is the famous recipe at Chennai Central station. Many vendors sell it with various fillings and vegetable stews.

Patna railway station is renowned for Litti-Chokha. While Litti is made of ghee-drenched wheat flour or ground-gram flour, Chokha is made with mashed tomatoes and brinjal, along with herbs and oil.

Kozhikode Halwa made of dry fruits, coconut oil and other flavourings is the famous recipe available at Calicut or Kozhikode railway station.

Cool Lassi is a good choice in summer. It is made of yoghurt, cream, and dry fruits. It is available in different flavours. Try lassi with Kulcha or Paratha bread at Amritsar railway station.

Jalandhar railway station is popular for Chole Bhature. This mouth-watering, spicy and exotic recipe is from Punjabi cuisine.

Kadhi Kachori is a popular recipe available at Ajmer railway station. So, when you are passing through the station, taste it.

Lal Chai is a tea. Assam is well-known for its tea estates. Don’t forget to taste this tea if you pass through Guwahati railway station.

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