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Rail Passengers can complain via mobile app

Railway Passengers can complain via mobile app

It is difficult for the passengers of Railways to track if any of their family members miss the train journey or lose their belongings. They cannot even register a complaint as they do not know where to file an FIR.

But, now the passengers of Indian Railways can register complaints through a mobile app or website easily from anywhere in the country.

Union Minister Niyanand Rai launched a website and a mobile application yesterday. This will help passengers register complaints hassle-free. The police can also address issues using it.

The criminal database including their photographs would be integrated online so that the police can detect the crimes throughout the country.

The website www.railways.delhipolice.gov.in and the mobile app Sahyatri has been launched.

In addition to the sharing of criminal information with rail passengers, the website also offers citizen services.

It also has medical facilities to save the lives of passengers in running trains. So far, passengers are facing troubles to register complaints in the event of losing their belongings.

But, with the launching of this application, they can simply register their complaint from anywhere in the country.

They can also find out the nearest jurisdiction of a police station and the details of GRP officers. This can be simply done by geotagging with Google maps.

It will also scan and read the QR codes and make emergency calls.

The mobile application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.

There are other apps like Himmat plus for women safety and Tatpar app to provide safety to customers 24×7.

Information on unidentified dead bodies, missing persons and children, wanted and absconding criminals, arrested persons, and other law and order related issues will be shared among authorized Government Railway Police (GRP) officers.

The entire website can be accessed by authorized persons only.

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