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More railway stations will have to Wi-Fi in 2017

More railway stations will have to Wi-Fi in 2017

Indian government wanted to move the country towards digitalization.

In order to improve the internet connectivity in all public places, free Wi-Fi facility is provided.

Railway stations are also provided with this facility.

In addition to upgrading its facilities, Railway stations are trying to improve its connectivity. In this scenario, many railway stations have been provided with Wi-Fi facilities.

Yesterday, Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minster stated that in 2017 nearly 200 additional stations and trains will be equipped with Wi-Fi.

One by one many metro cities and some other cities are provided with Wi-Fi in the current year.

The minister revealed that 100 stations have been outfitted with Wi-Fi this year and the target will be doubled next year.

These Wi-Fi facilities are dedicated by the minister to the users of Kannur, Ernakulam and Kollam.

According to the Railway Minister, all railway stations including small cities and towns will have Wi-Fi facility. The main objective is to improve the facilities in railway stations.

There is a plan to build escalators in these stations as well.

He welcomed the decision of Kerala government to sign a joint venture with railways to develop the projects in the state.

He expected the partnership will help develop the state.

The funds for the development of the projects will be raised through borrowing from the market.

These can be spent on improving projects in the station in addition to the funds that are allocated in the railway budget.

The minister said that he urged some banks to come with a business plan for the development of the state.

Since there is lack of railway investment to develop the state, the government wanted to reverse the trend.

He said that Non-Resident Keralites can invest in railway projects for the development of railway station as Railways need additional resources in addition to normal revenue.

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