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Know about Flexi Fare System of Indian Railways

Know about Flexi Fare System of Indian Railways

A new fare system that is the Flexi Fare System is introduced by Indian Railways in premium trains. The fare is applicable from today onwards i.e. September 9, 2016 in trains like Shatabdi, Duronto and Rajdhani.

Flexi fare system is a method under which fares of the above premium trains are increased based on demand. The fares will increase each time after the filling of one-tenth of the available seats. This method is similar to the pricing method of airlines. However, this method is not similar to the flexible fare system of airlines in which travelers can change their journey date and time, reschedule it after buying a ticket.

The base fare is increased by 10 per cent after the sale of 10 per cent of berths each time depending on the specific ceiling limit. That means the fare will be changed after every 10 per cent of berths sold in the prescribed premium trains. It is applicable for the tickets that are both bought online and purchased across the counters. Even concessions are applicable on the last price.

First class AC tickets of Duronto and Rajdhani, and Executive Class in Shatabdi trains have been exempted from flexi fare system. All other non-premium trains also do not charge flexi fare. If your ticket fare is beyond the fare of first class, you will be prompted by IRCTC website while booking online and it is informed to you by the ticket agent if you buy the ticket across the counter.

The existing guidelines for the Tatkal tickets do exist even though the Tatkal charges have been discontinued, and the Tatkal fare is 1.5 times more than the normal base fare. But, the fare is not applicable for First class AC and Economy Class. All other additional charges like reservation charges, superfast charges, cantering charges and service tax will be imposed on the new base fare.

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