Confirmation train tickets to Suvidha passengers

No waiting tickets, only confirmation train tickets

No waiting tickets, only confirmation train tickets

The government has planned to remove the concept of waiting tickets. Soon, rail passengers would only be seeing confirmed tickets to passengers of ‘Suvidha trains’. The Suvidha trains are set to start by first week of July.

Government is in the plan to start out this facility in order to manage the serious rush throughout peak seasons, like in winter and summer.

The move can prove a giant boon for all of the people who travel in the festival seasons like Dussehra, Holi and Diwali.

It is being stated that passengers will get only confirmed tickets in ‘Suvidha trains’, which are set to be started soon instead of premium trains in order to manage the serious rush.

If somebody purchases a ticket for the first AC and it does not get confirmed, then the Railways can give him a confirmed ticket in different categories like AC second. Equally the rule applies to all different classes.

All the travellers will have to do is to write down this option while filing the reservation form at the time of the booking.

The Railway Ministry recently stated thereon that Suvidha trains with dynamic fares are going to be introduced in July.

Railway sources said that only confirmed and RAC tickets are going to be issued for these trains.

No concession is going to be available on these trains.

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