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Wrapper Picker machine for sanitation workers

Wrapper Picker machine to sanitation workers

Sanitation workers work hard to keep surroundings clean. It is one of the toughest jobs that does not involve any recognition or reward at all for keeping the surroundings clean.

Nobody cares about the lives of the sanitary workers. But, these two brothers thought about their hard work. They wanted to something for their sake.

This led to a creative and innovative product, wrapper picker machine for sanitation workers.

Diptanshu and Mukul Malviya are brothers. They studied in St Paul’s Secondary School in Sirohi, Rajasthan.

One day they saw a sweeper working at the bus station while they were waiting for the bus. The sweeper is a middle-age man. The two brothers were moved when the worker was picking up litter.

After a lot of brainstorming, these brothers got a brilliant idea. They built a wrapper picker machine to help the sanitation workers in the country.

The machine can be useful not just for municipal corporations, but also to schools, offices, housing colonies and other public areas.

The machine is easy to operate. It is simple to maintain and flexible enough to be moved to the desired place for usage.

The machine has roller combs which are attached to rolling base. These are useful in picking up trash such as waste papers, cups, napkins etc. and collecting them into a bin.

The brushes are just a few millimeters above the ground level so that dust and grit are not picked up by the machine.

These brothers are applauded for their innovation. The machine was also included in the prestigious IGNITE award, 2015.

Wrapper Picker machine to sanitation workers

Wrapper Picker machine

Last year, they won a national award from the National Innovation Foundation (NIF).

It helps the brothers reach their innovation to potential buyers. They are also getting support from NIF in scaling up their production.

Image Reference: Youtube, Thebetterindia

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