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Secular man refuses to take both kidneys from same religion

Secular man

Mr. Ganesh D Lutyens, a Dadar resident has refused to take both kidneys from same religion men. Mr. Lutyens, a man who has been under constant dialysis has recently received a kidney from a Hindu man.

His family has been searching for a second donor. When he received an offer from another Hindu, he simply refused it.

Ganesh’s son Suresh stated that Ganesh was a man of ideals and he took his ideas of secular liberalism very seriously. He said that Ganesh viewed all religions equally and refused to take another kidney from a Hindu again.

His family said that his views and “adarsh” behavior are now causing issues. It is putting his life in danger and he is demanding a kidney from a person of another religion than Hindu. Ganesh says that being called a communal is his biggest fear. In order to prevent that, he is refusing to accept the kidney. He would rather die than accept another Hindu kidney.

Doctors have already given up hope on his condition as the first kidney is not working efficiently. Without the second kidney, his body will not be able to take it. The family’s only hope seems to be a local NGO which promises a better life for Hindus who convert to a minority religion.

This is a mocktale taken from faking news.

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