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Hindus do not have equality with minorities

Hindus do not have equality with minorities

It can stated that any event of vandalism or crime related to minorities gets seen through a magnifying glass in our country of secularism. An example would be former police officer Julio Riberio stating “I am on a hit list”. This sparked a debate on the safety of Indian Christians under the government of Narendra Modi. Riberio later admitted that he slightly exaggerated to attract attention. He stated that he feels threatened due to the acts of church vandalism.

Many times crimes which were claimed as acts of religious hatred turned out to be petty crimes. Riberio claims that India has been shaped with the help of many great Christians. This is true. There are many institutions in our country which give reservation based on religion.

For example, Christian Medical College reserves 50 percent of seats for Christian students. Many other Christian colleges run like this. While it is not wrong for institutions to have reservations, what about the majority? Moreover, it is not exactly secular to have different Indians be treated differently by the government.

Equality is about having an equal start to everyone not an equal end. Giving people more opportunities just because of their religion is not equality.

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