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Can you keep a Shankha in your home?

Can you keep a Shankha in your home?

A Shankha is a conch shell. It has religious significance in Hinduism as it is a sacred emblem of Lord Vishnu and He used it in various incarnations as well.

Devotees believe that the vibrations of Shankha can eliminate negative energy.

Hence many people keep a Shankha in their homes. If you keep a Shankha in your home, there are certain things to be kept in your mind.

Vedic scriptures describe that Shankha is used mainly for two purposes. The first one is to blow sound and the second one is to worship the deities.

Those who blow a Shankha regularly will be protected against cardiovascular diseases.

That is the reason for several people to keep this sacred symbol of Lord Vishnu in their homes. At least two Shankhas should be kept in the home and that too separately.

Shastras describe some rituals for Shankhas whether it is kept for blowing purpose or worshipping purpose.

The blowing Shankha should be blown twice daily. It should never be offered water or recited with religious chants.

It should be covered in yellow cloth. It should never be placed at a higher place than the Shankha which is being used for worship.

The Shankha that is kept for worshipping purpose should be duly worshipped by the family members. It should be cleaned with pure water and wrapped in a white cloth after the holy rituals.

It should always be kept at a higher place that the Shankha that is used for blowing purpose. Do not keep both the Shankhas in the same room.

The worshipping Shankha should not be placed above Shivling. Nor it should touch it in any religious rituals.

The Shankha can be used for worshipping Lord Vishnu. But, it is believed that one must not use it while performing Abhisheka or holy water bath to Lord Shiva or the Sun God.

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