Vishnu’s 10 avatars proved by Darwin’s Evolution theory

Lord Vishnu’s 10 avatars is proved by Darwin’s evolution theory

Lord Vishnu’s 10 avatars is proved by Darwin’s evolution theory

Indian Mythology is not mythological as its name entails, but it in fact has scientific backing. Darwin’s theory of evolution takes into account that we have all evolved from a common source of simpler animals through a process that is both natural and gradual.

This theory revolves around genetic mutations showing how life slowly evolved out of the water and onto land, resulting in more and more complex animals, eventually evolving into the human race.

The theory of the beginning of the universe also corresponds that there was once nothing but a dark void as the only reality, through which a massive explosion created the universe.

Such a dark void is thereby the ultimate reality, everything comes from it and everything goes back to it eventually.

The ten avatars of Lord Vishnu are said to take importance in evolution from that nothingness, nine of which have already incarnated. According to a theory, the avatars and their role in the evolution process are as follows:

Matsya, who took the form of a fish and was the first step in evolution from such simple aquatic beings.

Kurma, who took the form of a turtle, representing how life could live both in the water and on land.

Varaha, who took on the form of a boar and was the first mammal who could walk on land, quadrupedal and terrestrial.

Narsimha, who brought evolution one step closer to humanity, being half animal and half man.

Vamana, the first human avatar, a short-limbed man who was brought down from the heavens to help Indra restore his reign.

Parshuram, a fully-grown man who still lived in a fierce and primitive way, whose mannerisms are yet to be refined.

Lord Rama, a grown man of quality, excellence, and character, showing full development of mannerisms.

• Lord Krishna, one who did not hesitate to play tricks on the human mind, showing its evolution and the beginning of man’s doom.

• Buddha, who showed that humanity could achieve Moksha and emphasized man’s internal peace.

• Kalki, the awaited tenth and last avatar, predicted to be a short man representing man’s last Great Age. It will show how time will bring itself back into the dark void once more.

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