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Railways to adopt AI to provide hygienic food

Railways to adopt AI to provide hygienic food

The passengers of Indian Railways can now get hygienic food on-board trains.

Though several passengers might not be aware that the food offered at trains is not as hygienic as they expect, they simply eat it as they find no other option.

Several months ago, the report of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) also stated that the food served in the railways is not suitable for human consumption.

Considering all this, Indian Railways has adopted artificial intelligence system to make sure that hygienic food is provided on-board trains.

16 base kitchens at the IRCTC headquarters in the national Capital region have been equipped with good quality CCTV cameras to monitor the anomalies.

Sources state that the artificial intelligence (AI) system is very particular in detecting rodents or cockroaches if there are any in the base kitchens.

Not just that, the AI system can also send report to the concerned contractor straight away in the any foreign object is found.

It will also be intimated to the concerned authorities of IRCTC if the matter is not given proper attention.

A senior railway official has given an example for the working of the AI system.

As per his words, if a chef does not wear his uniform or cap, then the AI system will send the report to the server by tracking it immediately.

Then, it will be sent to the concerned contractor’s mobile number.

The issue has to be resolved immediately within 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will be reported to the concerned authority.

The matter will be reported to the IRCTC MD in case it is not solved by the authority.

Thus, the AI system will work effectively and help provide hygienic food to passengers. The system is anticipated to be operational completely soon.

Image credit: Photo by Aqib Touheed on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/-8yw5avwJME

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