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Woman Sarpanch Installs Solar-Powered Cameras in her village

Woman Sarpanch Installs Solar-Powered Cameras in her village

Technology is increasing in India as well. Here is a great example of using technology for rural development. Anju Yadav, the 22 year old sarpanch of Chandawali village decided to install solar powered CCTV cameras in her village.

When there are so many villages even struggling to get electricity, she thought of a new way to reduce crime rate. She used 72 solar-powered CCTV cameras to reduce the crime rate in the village.

Anju is a second year M.A student of Hindi. She always aimed at making her village secure. Six months ago, she participated and won in the panchayat elections. She decided to use her position to make her village better.

Now, Chandawali, which has a population of 10,000 residents has CCTV cameras installed at all street corners.

Anju along with her father looked around the village and selected lanes and crossings that needed help. She contacted a company that deals in CCTV cameras. After that she started the project.

Anju says that monitoring crime is very important because an industrial model town is coming up next to the village. Many villagers were concerned about the increase in the number of outsiders in the village. As a result, Anju thought that having surveillance is the best solution to prevent crime. She says that it is essential for crime investigation.

However, Anju wanted to do this in an eco-friendly way. She installed the cameras spending Rs. 11 lakh on it. Four lakhs were spent on solar panels.

In order to setup this project, she used panchayat funds. She also took the help of her parents to monitor the video control room, which is set up in her house. Her father and her mother monitor the feeds when she is in college and she takes up that job after returning home.

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