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Sarpanch transforming Mukhra into a model village

Sarpanch transforming Mukhra into a model village

Sarpanch Gadge Meenakshi is the head of Mukhra village in Telangana. Her journey exemplifies turning adversity into opportunity.

She has dedicated her tenure to transforming this rural area into a thriving community. Growing up in Mukhra, Meenakshi witnessed the village’s challenges firsthand. Meenakshi observed several issues, including a poor drainage system and mosquito problem.

The lack of educational facilities forced her to travel 11 km daily to school, and inadequate healthcare infrastructure drove doctors away from the village.

Villagers’ complaints often went unheard. When Meenakshi was elected sarpanch in 2019, she resolved to bring change.

She focused on eliminating open defecation, constructing soak pits in every house to prevent water leakage and control mosquito breeding, and converting wet waste into vermicompost.

The sale of vermicompost has generated substantial revenue for the village.

Additionally, she oversaw the installation of rooftop solar panels, leading to zero electricity bills for Mukhra. Mukhra’s achievements under Meenakshi’s leadership have been remarkable.

The village has won five national awards and received recognition from President Droupadi Murmu.

These accomplishments began with Meenakshi’s vision of a better future for her village. Meenakshi’s efforts have significantly improved the quality of life in Mukhra.

By addressing basic infrastructure issues and promoting sustainable practices, she has set a new standard for rural development.

Her initiatives in sanitation, waste management, and renewable energy have not only enhanced living conditions but also empowered the villagers economically.

The transformation of Mukhra stands as a testament to what can be achieved with determination and innovative thinking.

Meenakshi’s leadership and commitment to her village’s development have turned Mukhra into a model village, showcasing the potential of grassroots governance.

Under her guidance, Mukhra continues to thrive, serving as an inspiration for other rural areas.

Meenakshi’s story is a powerful reminder that with the right leadership, even the most challenging circumstances can be turned into opportunities for growth and success.

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