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Fight against Cybercrime needs cooperation

Fight against Cybercrime needs cooperation

As cybercrime is increasing in India, it needs extra attention and protection against it. Intelligence Bureau officials are warning that online threats from neighbouring countries like China and Pakistan are increasing day-by-day in the country. The regular threats from these countries are a major threat and India should seek ways to fight against these enemies with more caution and care.

Union Minister for Communications and IT revealed that India has discussed this issue with several countries like America for their cooperation. If the USA cooperates, then it would be very easy for India to fight against online crimes. US based companies have not been cooperating well. As a result, it would be very difficult for India to tackle the issue smoothly.

Major tech giants like Google are not responding irrespective of several complaints made from India. In addition to that, India needs to strengthen its infrastructure from back end to handle issues effectively. At present, the cybercrime cells that exist in the country are not enough to fight cybercrimes in a big country like India. Based on the cybercrime graph of the country, at least 200 cybercrime cells are needed.

Besides, numerous police officers should be trained to combat the problem. Then, it will be easy for the country to manage the situation more efficiently. Having cooperation with US can be useful in increasing the conviction rate. Presently, many cases have been stuck. For example, Mehdi Masroor Biswas, an alleged ISIS fan boy could not be convicted as information related to his mails has not been provided by a US based company even after a request was made a year ago.

Due to lack of cooperation, many such cases are happening in India. The conviction rate is at a drastic low. There were 9,600 cases of cyber-crime in 2014, and only 72 cases reached conviction. The cases are more problematic when the cyber-criminal is abroad. Extradition has not been high. Such conditions show that there is a need for cooperation between countries.

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