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IRCTC to offer customized food for diabetics and babies

IRCTC to offer customized food for diabetics and babies

Indian Railways has been improving its facilities and updating features for its passengers. Now, it decided to offer customized food for diabetic patients.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) released a press note stating that it decided to provide customized food to its passengers.

As per the note, passengers will have the flexibility to get their desired food from the menu, which consists of a wide range of options, including diabetic food, baby food, millet-based food and other healthy food varieties. The menu will have different regional cuisines and seasonal delicacies to meet the food requirements of passengers.

Currently, the menu of IRCTC consists of standardized food and beverages. But, soon, the menu will have customized food. The IRCTC partnered with food chains to provide local cuisines to passengers.

For prepaid trains, the IRCTC decides the menu. And catering charges will be included in the fare. These trains will also offer branded food items. Besides, they also sell a-la-carte meals for which the IRCTC decides the menu and tariff.

In addition, the standard food items for Mail and Express trains will also be decided by the IRCTC. Sale of a-la-carte meals and branded food items will also be permitted on these trains.

The note says that the menu and tariff of Janta meals will not change. That means the price and food items on the menu of Janta meals remain unchanged.

The Railway Board, in this regard, says that IRCTC shall the quality and standards of food to maintain consistency. It also added that maintaining the same standards is essential to avoid passenger grievances concerning the quality of food. It also should avoid allowing the sale of inferior brands.

Also, the IRCTC must pre-notify the information of tariffs to passengers. It also should make sure that the menu must be matched the tariff.

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