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New rule for population control in Assam

New rule for population control in Assam

Currently India is the second highest in population after China. Surveys estimate that India will surpass China in future in this regard.

Despite putting several measures to control population in India, India’s population explosion is very high.

In order to control the population, Assam government brought new rules. No person who has more than two children will get government job as per the new rules of the government.

The current population of Assam is 3.12 crore according to 2011 Census which increased by one crore from 2001.

The BJP- led government wants to amend the service rules for the state government employees and bring the two child norm in the state.

With this, Assam became the 12th state to have passed such rules.

These rules were part of new population policy of the Assam government and a resolution was passed by the Assembly on September 15 followed by a marathon debate.

The new rules state that any person who has more than two children would not be considered for the job of a state government or office.

The proposal even states that such persons cannot participate in local, municipal or state elections and government can bar them to do so.

Restrictions can be put upon them so that they will be automatically disqualified even if nominated for government bodies and committees.

These norms will also be applicable to the elections of panchayats, municipal bodies and autonomous councils that are being held under the state election commission and all candidates should follow them.

The policy also approves the removal Members of the Legislative Assembly from the office as soon as the birth of a third child.

Two children norms will be applicable for employment generation schemes such as giving tractors, offering homes etc., and also for other government schemes.

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