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How unemployment can affect a marriage

How unemployment can affect a marriage

Unemployment is never a good thing. It can have drastic effects on a relationship. There are many couples who have parted ways due to financial ups and downs. If you being unemployed creates financial instability, then it can take a toll on your marriage.

It is a burden

Married couples who go through financial instability will face a lot of burdens. There will obviously be bills to pay and plans to make. This can lead to frustration.

It increases stress

The fear of being unable to pay bills can cause a lot of stress. During this stress, it can be really tough to maintain a peaceful marriage.


Arguments tend to occur commonly among couples and having financial problems will most definitely lead to arguments. These arguments could potentially end a strong marriage also. Finances must be well planned in a marriage.

It can break your marriage

Going through troubles and rough patches is common in any relationship. But, how long will both partners take the financial stress and arguments? Life can become very hard to live without basic comforts. Lack of financial security can also create insecurities which can lead to divorces. This can be the ultimate destruction that unemployment can cause to a marriage.

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