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Tamper proof technology for elections

Tamper proof technology for elections

Elections have always been rife with tampering, and the elections of India are no exception to this.

However, new voting machines will be released for the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 that will be able to detect any tampering in the votes.

These third-generation machines, or M3 machines, are being produced with a mechanism that can sense any tampering.

If the machine senses any interference, then it will completely cease all of its operations. These securely-equipped machines will be replacing all of the current ones in phases, which will improve the integrity of the Electronic Voting Machines (or EVMs).

These machines will be produced at two different plants: the Electronics Corporation of India LTD (or ECIL) and the Bharat Electronics LT (or BEL). If everything will go as it should go, then the number of machines required will be fully finished manufacturing by September of next year.

Their finished product will be equipped with other features besides the tampering sensor.

There will also be an identifier that can recognize any discrepancy in either the system or the software. Lastly, there will be a feature that ensures digital certification, allowing the Control Unit and the Ballot Unit to send messages back and forth to one another.

This allows detection of any Unit from the outside, since it will not match the other units, and will be forced to stop all operations.

These machines will be ready by 2019 in time for the elections held then. They will be shipped with vehicles equipped with GPSs in order to track the location placement of each machine.

The Election Commission is planning on ensuring mass awareness of these updated machines, both to increase the feeling of safety among the people and to increase the number of people who vote in this election.

Tamper proof technology for elections

Tamper proof technology for elections

Thus, the 2019 election will hopefully be much freer of the vote tampering of previous elections, able to reflect the actual choices of the Indian people.

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